Friday, November 01, 2013

What's YOUR prediction?

Yale looks to snap its three-game losing streak when it hosts Columbia (0-6) this week.

What's your prediction? Comment below.

Also, QB Henry Furman and LB Andrew Larkin both practiced Thursday and appear ready for Saturday. However, Tyler Varga and Chris Smith did not practice. QB Eric Williams is really making a push for the No. 2 spot on the depth chart.

"He's made some really nice strides the last three weeks," Tony Reno said.


Anonymous Wishful Thinker said...

Yale 30 Columbia 14

Yale should be able to win no matter who plays so let the injured players sit another week

11:14 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yale 48 Columbia 13

2:32 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure how this offense suddenly produces 48 points, but Columbia isn't going to score much either: 20-7

3:05 PM 
Anonymous bouton69 said...

38-7 for the Dark Blue (us).

3:35 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:24 PM 
Anonymous Mark said...

Yale - 32
Columbia -10

Hopefully this starts a new winning streak.

9:24 PM 
Anonymous bouton69 said...

I now see Columbia's fine RB is suspended, as well as their punter. So I revise my pick: 38-7 Yale is now 48-3 Yale.

2:00 AM 

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