Thursday, November 01, 2012

Williams, Russell practicing; Powers returns

Yale coach Tony Reno said both quarterbacks Eric Williams and Derek Russell are practicing this week. He was unsure who would start at QB Saturday against Brown.
And yes, there could be some more wildcat to come. Reno also said Tyler Varga continues to get snaps at quarterback. Henry Furman will also remain under center. Furman, a third-string QB last season moved to WR and is now back at QB.
Furman stepped in for Varga at QB at times in last week’s loss to Columbia, including on the game’s final drive. Furman completed 3-of-8 passes for 34 yards.
“He did a solid job,” said Reno of Furman. “We asked a lot of him. He did a great job at WR and with all the injuries, he was receptive to it (move back to QB). He’s a team guy. He got in the game and made the most of the opportunities.”
Also, Sr. DB and former Hopkins star John Powers has returned from an arm injury and is expected to play Saturday at Brown. That should be somewhat of a boost for the Bulldogs defense, which ranks last in the Ivy League. 
Lastly, here's a feature on Tyler Varga's impressive start to his Yale career.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Reno learned some lessons during the Penn game where QB is concerned. There shouldn't even be a question as to starting Derek Russell if he can play over a not ready for prime time Freshman QB and that's when he is healthy! Powers broke his arm and was in a cast up to his elbow last week I don't see him being very effective in pass defense or tackling that way and the other SS Cook is doing a great job and has made some key plays and we have another safety Okano still waiting to play. Where we need defensive help bad is at the corners. But I guess for this season NOTHING made much sense. At this point What's a few more really bad decisions made by Tony Reno!

2:25 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim Murphy had three losing seasons at Harvard before putting it all together and winning his first Ivy Championship. And a lot of that came from playing "his guys" early on. Reno is going to make mistakes this year which, if he's a good coach, he'll learn from. Yale wasn't going to win a Championship this year, so chalk it up to experience.

8:36 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think number 12 is a great corner. Don't know why they won't give him a shot.

10:52 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that #12 (LaTesta) is a good corner he played some last year and as I remember stuck to the receivers like glue and made some plays. Why is he not playing? your guess is as good as mine knowing that we have a huge weak spot at the corners. As to the comment about Tim Murphy and Harvard... whoever wrote that is an Idiot!Do you think that any Yale Bulldog cares about what someone did at Harvard? and on top of that it sounds as if you are justifying a loosening season for the next however long it takes!? THAT'S JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE!! I'm starting to think that Reno got on the Blog and wrote that comment! Whats going on is mainly due to poor decision after poor decision made by Reno and his entire staff! Fact is Reno has no clue what kind of talent he has on his squad, for instance, LaTesta #12 and the list is huge. For those reading this get on the Yale Football Website and read the bios of all the players and their accomplishments and awards (something I'm sure Reno and his staff hasn't done) And then tell us that somewhere in that roster there aren't some VERY talented guys that should be getting a shot to show what they can do (Derek Russell) ring a bell?

12:39 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^You're number 12, aren't you.

2:11 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeez. I made the Murphy comment, figuring you to be less stupid than you are. My mistake. OK,... haow about this. Carm Cozza had two losing seasons in his first two seasons while he learned what he was doing and got his first Ivy League chanpionship in his third year. Bulldog enough for you? And learn the difference between "losing" and "loosening" before we go check your Yale degree for rust.

10:46 PM 

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