Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yale loses recruit

According to Total Sports Coverage Yale recruit Ryan Dillard, a DB who had originally signed with Yale, is now headed to USC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did we let him out of his commitment?

6:35 AM 
Anonymous walt yale blue said...


6:40 AM 
Blogger Chris Hunn said...

The list of incoming freshmen will be out some time in early May I was told.

8:29 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My guess is that the reason they will wait until early May to release the list is because high school students have until May 1st to officially matriculate. I'm sure most athletes have officially matriculated, but there could be some the team is still working with admissions on or the athlete has several options. Other non-Ivy programs have signing days that would make the official list of incoming athletes available sooner.

1:19 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ivy league recruits don't have any commitment. No scholarship; no letter of intent.

2:06 PM 
Anonymous walt yale blue said...

chris any news on new recruit keith hawk cb. ca. thanks walt yale blue

10:27 AM 
Anonymous walt yale blue said...

chris could you find out if there is a chance we could get new uniforms for next year its benn a long time with the same look new coach new plays new uniforms coach reno is going to revitalize the program start with the players it would be a blast harvard is doing something with there uniforms lets keep a step ahead of them were all tired of them getting the upper hand on us please talk to coach reno about this he would make a lot of yale fans happy. thanks chris walt yale blue,

8:55 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any Yale players other than Stoller who have been signed to NFL free agent contracts?

8:33 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In this list created in 2010, Yale's football uniforms were deemed the third coolest in the country, ahead of Notre Dame, USC, UCLA, Oregon, LSU, etc. Don't change anything.

2:51 PM 
Anonymous Bill Abelson said...

I strongly feel Yale should not change uniforms. It's one of our strengths -- traditional, simple, powerful. "Keeping up with the Harvards" is not showing strength or resolve.

Where we need to keep up and surpass other programs is in training, recruiting, and coaching. Hiring Tony Reno was likely a big step in the right direction, at least as far as discipline, focus, defense and specials are concerned.

12:02 PM 

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