Friday, January 06, 2012

Little picks Harvard

When Yale orchestrated the ouster of Tom Williams and took its sweet time pulling the trigger, the concern was the impact it would have on recruiting.

So as Yale has been conducting interviews with the four candidates (Don Brown, Dave Cecchini, Kevin Kelly and Tony Reno) this week, a prized recruit slipped away.

Cheshire linebacker Sebastian Little had been to a couple of Yale games during the 2011 season and was persistently pursued by Yale. Not only is Little not coming to Yale but he committed to Harvard. According to a story by Bryant Carpenter of the Meriden Record-Journal, Little was all set to come to Yale before Williams was forced to resign over claims that he overstated his credentials on his resume.

It will be interesting to watch Little's career at Harvard. If he become an impact player with the Crimson he could serve as a reminder of a sorry situation which is currently being played out.

The good news is that a new coach could be in place by the middle of next week. Perhaps there won't be too many other stories to emerge like Little's of players heading to an Ivy League rival because of the uncertainty surrounding the Yale football program at the current time.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back off the criticism of Yale. You make it seem as if they're dumb and were oblivious to the obvious recruiting disadvantages. Perhaps (read: most likely), they gave Tom Williams a private institution's equivalent of "due process" and in being as fair with him as possible were forced to wait.

4:02 PM 

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