Sunday, September 25, 2011

Upon further review

An advantage of the Yale/Cornell game being televised on VERSUS is that it allows me to have a second look at some plays. So I went back and noticed a few things.

First, if not for an alert play by Cliff Foreman to move forward and jump on Cornell's attempted onsides kick, no other Yale player was in position to recover the ball so the Big Red's gamble would have paid off.

Next, I was absolutely certain that Allen Davis caused the fumble by Cornell's Grant Gellatly in the fourth quarter. However, watching the replay it was evident that Jake Stoller reached in and knocked the ball out. The ball was out just as Allen Davis hit Gellatly. It is entirely possible that Gellatly could have regained possession of the ball if not for Davis knocking him to the ground.

Finally, I didn't see enough to warrant a holding call on the opening kickoff. Brett Buehler was called for holding Yale's Nick LaTesta but the replay was inconclusive at best in determining whether a hold did indeed occur.

Speaking of the game, here is the game story as well as Chip Malafronte's column on the Yale defense


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