Saturday, July 02, 2011

Some ink for Brook Hart

Former Yale quarterback Brook Hart is off to a strong start in his professional baseball career with an 1.50 ERA, three strikeouts and two walks in six innings of work in two games. The Casper (Wyoming) Star-Tribune caught up with and did a story which ran in Saturday's paper.

Former Staples High stars Chris Coyne and Pat Murray, part of Yale's incoming freshman class, were expected to play in the Hall of Fame Classic which is being played on Friday at West Haven High.

However, when the revised rosters were sent out yesterday, I could not find either Coyne or Murray on the Fairfield County roster. I reached out to one of the game's organizers who said they had decided not to play.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any reason given as to why they are not participating? Could the coaches at Yale requested that they not play owing to fears of injuries to them?

3:18 PM 
Blogger Jim Fuller said...

It is possible but in the past, Yale recruits have played in all-star games. Coyne and Murray were among 11 players who no longer appear on the roster.

6:31 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know the both of them... Coyne has been experiencing some shoulder troubles and decided not to risk injuring himself before getting to school. And Murray cannot make the practices with his work schedule.

9:34 PM 
Blogger Jim Fuller said...

That makes sense, especially in Chris' case since it is not worth risking hurting the shoulder for an all-star game.

10:48 PM 

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