Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reising set to be released

Yale senior linebacker Jesse Reising is set to be released from a Boston area hospital today after being injured making a tackle in Saturday's 28-21 loss to Harvard.

Reising, who laid motionless on the Harvard Stadium field after a collision with Harvard running back Gino Gordon, does not have spinal damage but has been kept in the hospital for a couple of extra days because of other medical issues.

Reising had his first public comments when he sent an e-mail to the Yale Sports Publicity Office.

“Right now, my nerves aren't firing to my right arm like they're supposed to," Reising said. "However, I still have too much swelling in my neck and shoulder for the doctors to reach any conclusions yet. Three weeks from now, I'll have more tests done to determine whether I tore some nerves, and possibly have them re-attached three months from now. However, I'm making rapid progress in regaining motor functions, and I expect a full recovery.”

Reising finished as Yale's third-leading tackler with 47 stops including four behind the line of scrimmage. He is also a decorated student-athlete who was a semifinalist for the Campbell Trophy or the academic Heisman.

Reising did not lose consciousness following the hit on Gordon in which Reising was penalized.

"I remembered breaking on the ball when Harvard's quarterback threw it," Reising said. "Once Gordon caught the ball, I knew that I had him lined up to deliver a big hit. I tried to put my helmet on the ball to knock the ball out, but apparently he lowered his head right before I hit him. I don't think I was ever unconscious but my nerves weren't quite responding like they were supposed to and I couldn't move. I asked the medical staff whether my arm looked like it was dislocated, whether it was a knock-back tackle and whether I got the ball out.”

With the game being televised on Versus, replays of the hit and Reising's injury was broadcast across the nation. There have been countless calls to Yale from people checking on Reising's status.

"I appreciate that the Yale community, football family and others have been very supportive of my efforts towards a full and speedy recovery," Reising said.



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