Thursday, September 03, 2009

Thursday's practice report

Caught the last hour of Thursday's practice - the last true practice before Saturday's scrimmage against Union since tomorrow will be little more than a walk-through which is customary for a Friday before a game.

A few observations. First, Patrick Witt looked more comfortable throwing the ball than any of the three or four times I have seen him in action. His timing on the crossing patterns is rather exquisite. Brook Hart, who started five games as a sophomore, is making a statement that he will not give up his position without a fight.

The offense, which still a work in progress, drew major praise from head coach Tom Williams. Running backs Mordecai Cargill (a freshman) and Alex Thomas (a sophomore) were especially noteworthy. I absolutely love the decisiveness with which Cargill runs. Thomas is starting to resemble the player I saw in action at least 10 times in his three years rewriting the Connecticut high school record book at Ansonia High. Williams was absolutely glowing in his praise of Thomas as we walked off Clint Frank Field. The "should I or shouldn't I" tap dancing that Thomas ran with as a freshman is replaced by the slashing aggressiveness which made Thomas one of the top players in Connecticut high school football annals.

The highlight of the day for the defense is corner Adam Money scooping up a fumble and bringing it back for a touchdown. I was also impressed with the play of Max Newton at defensive end.

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