Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A few tid bits

Governor M. Jodi Rell is proclaiming Saturday "Tom Williams Day" in the state with a proclamation being read and presented to Williams. Last I heard, Governor Rell would not be making the presentation but Attorney General Richard Blumenthal may be there to do the honors.

On the latest two-deep chart, former Amity and Choate star Ricky Ballou is listed as the starting defensive end. That would be a classy move by Cornell coach Jim Knowles to give Ballou the start. He was injured and didn't play the last time Cornell played at Yale in 2007. Ballou was not on a two-deep chart before the season opener against Bucknell. He played in the game but did not register a tackle. Ballou has appeared in eight career games at Cornell, of his nine career tackles, 1 1/2 are behind the line of scrimmage.

For those DirecTV subscribers hoping to watch Saturday's game, the channel is no longer available to DirecTV subscribers. DirecTV complained about increased fees while Versus apparently was unhappy with the tier the channel was placed in. Those DirecTV subscribers who turn to the game will see the following message:

"Comcast, our largest competitor, has forced us to pull down this channel. Comcast charges us fees to air Versus, and they are now demanding an unfair and outrageous increase in those fees. In these difficult economic times, we do not want to pass this increase onto you, our valued customer, so we are standing firm in the negotations on your behalf. For more information go to"


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