Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Healing up

What a difference a week makes.

While attending Yale football practice last Wednesday, I was struck by the number of key Bulldogs who either couldn't practice or went through the drills sparingly.

However, at practice today Yale was significantly more healthy. The biggest surprise was seeing junior receiver Reid Lathan taking part in practice. Lathan missed Saturday's loss to Penn with a concussion and at Tuesday's media luncheon Yale coach Jack Siedlecki said Lathan's status was uncertain. Lathan looked fine although the spotlight was stolen by fellow receiver Jordan Forney who was impressive enough during passing drills that one teammate yelled out "it's the Jordan Forney show."

Senior quarterback Ryan Fodor, the other starter who missed Saturday's game, was in uniform indicating that his ailing right (throwing) shoulder must be feeling better. I didn't see Fodor throwing the ball but since he spent last Wednesday out of uniform, it would seem to be an encouraging sign to see him in uniform.


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