Friday, September 12, 2008

Youth to be served

Anybody interested on how the freshmen look can take a ride to Clint Frank Field tomorrow when the Yale JV squad plays the University of New Haven at 1:30 p.m. I will be interested to see how former Ansonia star Alex Thomas, who is pushing for duty as a backup tailback to Mike McLeod, looks as well as defensive lineman Jake Stoller, the most highly-touted player among the Yale freshmen if you believe recruiting services.

Another item to pass along, those long-time Yale fans may remember when Bill Gonillo was the voice of Yale football. The affable Gonillo, one of the most beloved figures in Connecticut media circles, died last September at the age of 44. Gonillo, who dealt with diabetes for most of his adult life, was a regular volunteer at diabetes fundraising events. Last year I was part of a team which walked in Bill's honor in Fairfield. Many of the same people will be taking part in the "Friends of Bill Gonillo" team at the Oct. 19 event in Penfield Pavilion in Fairfield. Anybody interested can visit my donation page


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