Friday, November 02, 2007

Notes from Thursday practice

-- Speedy sophomore tailback Ricardo Galvez looked good in practice, making some sharp cuts and showing good quickness. He has missed the past two weeks and will be a big help spelling Mike McLeod.

Yale has four threats to run the ball now in McLeod, quarterback Matt Polhemus (who looked good running the ball against Columbia), Galvez and sophomore Jordan Farrell.

McLeod, Galvez and Farrell each have different running styles, but all work.

-- Sophomore safety Steven Santoro will play Saturday. He has missed the past two weeks with a shoulder injury.

-- Junior defensive end Kyle Hawari will also return against Brown. He was rested last week against Columbia.

-- The only player not out for the year expected to miss Saturday is defensive back Reid Lathan (knee), who was returning kicks and punts.

-- From what I've heard, Yale has a chance to top 30,000 Saturday. Of course, the weather has to cooperate.

-- Yale has played the junior varsity game against Harvard at Johnson Field recently, but there has been talk about moving it back to Clint Frank Field, where the Bulldogs normally practice.
Clint Frank Field, which is usually ripped apart by this time of year because of weather and wear, is in excellent condition. We'll let you know when we hear a final decision.

-- Interesting point brought up about this past weekend's game with Columbia.
Yale and Columbia are not allowed to stay over the night before this game because of an Ivy League rule based on mileage.

Yale was in traffic more than two hours going to Columbia. Nothing new for either team. There was a very bad accident on I-95 Northbound that shut down sections of the interstate. If the game had been at Yale, Columbia would not have made it to New Haven in time for the game. In fact, it's safe to say the way traffic was routed, the Lions might not have made it to New Haven period.

Don't be surprised if this rule is discussed at the Ivy League meetings in the offseason.


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