Sunday, October 29, 2006

Impressed with Columbia

Siedlecki on Columbia:

"They’re playing so hard. He’s got them running around. That defense of theirs is confusing. They run around and they make a lot of plays. I think the biggest difference is he’s got them believing. I’ve know Norries, I know him pretty well from spending time with him at UConn camps. He’s a good football coach, he’s hardnosed, he’s going to make a lot of demands of the kids, and I think they are responding to him. I know he doesn’t have a lot of guys, but that’s going to be an outfit to contend with down the road. He’s got them playing hard."

My thoughts:

Watching the Columbia press conference after the Yale game I was quite impressed with Wilson, his demeanor and how each of the three players turned their heads and focused on him each time he answered a question. They weren't just listening to every word he spoke, they were believing it.


Anonymous Ron Vaccaro said...

Sean is far too modest to point this out himself, but after his appearance on the WELI halftime show, he told me off mic that Yale would score a defensive touchdown in the second half. This on the heels of predicting that the Penn game would come down to an Alan Kimball field goal the week before.

- Ron Vaccaro

9:21 PM 

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